Outdoor stade Hollerich | Du 24 au 28 mai | Lu à ven de 9h à 16h | De 4 à 18 ans | Garçons et filles | Multilingue*

NB: Language during camps: Our coaches speak English, French, German, Luxembourgish and Portuguese.

Football Klinik Academy, has announced the details of its 2021 Pentecost (Pentecôte) Football, Soccer & SAQ Camps. The camp provides football training for boys and girls.

Places are limited and we advise parents to register their child (ren) ASAP, because the maximum number of participants is limited to 9 – 10 children per age group for outdoor sports activities and it will be on « First come, first served » basis « .

NB: Due to the current COVID-19 CORONA-VIRUS pandemic, please note that, there will be some changes to our usual training and drills. We’ve made these changes as part of our commitment to protecting our players/campers (children), as the safety of our players/campers comes first.

We’ll be following the Ministry of Health and the football federation guideline of maximum number of participants which is limited to 9 – 10 children per age group and training will be carried out with the recommended 2 meters safety distance among players / campers without physical contact for outdoor sports activities (especially ages 12 – 17 year old players/campers).

* Basic football / soccer skills
* Games Association
* Personalized football / soccer training
* SAQ (Speed Agility and Quickness) skills workshop
* Developing generic NeuroMovement skills
* Ball skills and fun games with 2 meters distance from each other (Ages 4-7 year old)
* Fine Arts (After lunch break to have some rest before recommence / continuing with soccer)


1. Temperature check of every Player / camper at entrance gate.
2. Training is tailored to meet the recommended 2 meters distance rule for individual drills and 10-12 meters distance during association drills, under regular supervision by our camp chaperone.
3. Maximum number of 15 Players / campers (children) per age group on the field.
4. Players / campers must respect and avoid physical contact during drills and association drills, ages 12 – 18 year old.
5. There will be no competitive match / game during the camp to avoid physical contact.
6. Face mask is compulsory and a MUST for players above 12 year old and all assigned coaches and accompanying chaperone / assistant, however during drills / training players are allowed to take off their face mask for respiratory reason and MUST wear it again during break and at the end of practice / training.
7. Training will be done without audience e.g. – fans or parents.
8. Parents are NOT allowed to enter or stay in the stadium, they are to drop-off their children at the entrance / exit gate or designated area, with the assigned camp supervisor, coaches and accompanying chaperone / assistant. At close / or end of camp, players / campers will be picked-up at the same entrance / exit gate or designated area.

* No lunch – Each camper / player (child) MUST bring his / her own lunch box from home for safety and health reasons.
* Water – Each camper / player (child) MUST bring his / her own bottle of water from home for safety and health reasons.
* Shower and changing rooms will be closed with no access to shower.
* Soap will be available for hand wash at all time and disinfectant will be in place for players / campers (children) use.
* Only one person (child) at a time is allowed to be inside the toilet and toilet will be disinfected often.
* During break-time, the sitting area designated for players / camper (children), chairs will be separated by distance of 2 seats.
* Training equipment will be disinfected prior to practice / training and after, in addition each child / player will have to mark his / or her own soccer-football ball which he / or she will use for the entire duration of practice / training.

To register, or more information, contact us at:
Phone: (+352) 27 99 62 21 – GSM (+352) 691 770 357