Looking for Chinese Gouvernante / Nounou

Looking for Chinese Gouvernante / Nounou.

We are a family of 4 in Luxembourg City Centre looking for a Chinese Nounou to help us with the household, cooking Chinese food, speaking Chinese with our kids and just being part of our family. Full time and part time is an option. Living in is not possible. Starting date any time between end of February and end of April. As we are in Singapore at the moment, please kindly PM me on provided Number. Looking forward to hear from you!

我们是卢森堡市中心的一个 4 口之家,正在寻找一名中国 Nounou/gouvernante 来帮助我们做家务、烹饪中国菜、与我们的孩子说中文并成为我们家庭的一员。 全职和兼职是一种选择。 居住是不可能的。 开始日期在 2 月底和 4 月底之间的任何时间。 由于我们目前在新加坡,请通过提供的号码私信我。 期待着听到您的意见!

Ville : Luxembourg City Centre

Tel : +352 621175414