13 novembre
Theater Poppespennchen | A 15h30 | A partir de 10 ans | Op Lëtz., engl. et perse | A RESERVER |


The peaceful village is now captured by terrorists; innocent people are being killed everywhere in the village, city and the country. One of them is Shamama’s husband, the devastated Shamama has no other choice but to take her three little kids and leave their loving sweet home. This puppet show is the story of Shamama’s hardships during her long journey through different countries, forests and mountains to an unknown new place in the hope of a bright future.
Created by a mixed team of volunteers, refugees and professionals. A collaboration of ‘Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen ASBL’ and ‘Poppespënnchen ASBL’ for Esch 2022 Kindly supported by ‘Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte’

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