Looking for a family to hire me as Nanny / 40 hours a week

Looking for a family to hire me as Nanny / 40 hours a week.

I am Joema, 30 years old, single, Filipina, can speak and write English very well. I can also speak some Italian, Danish, Dutch, German, French. I have a huge interest in learning different cultures and I believe that being Au Pair or working abroad is a good opportunity for me to learn and grow as a person. I have experiences as an Au Pair in Denmark for 2 years, 1 year in the Netherlands, and 1 year in Luxembourg. I am good in taking care of the kids and cleaning the house. I can also cook (Filipino and Italian foods). I am kind, honest, responsible, and energetic person. I am currently an Au Pair in France and I am searching for a family in Luxembourg for a real Nanny that works 40 hours a week for a working visa. I would like to go back to Luxembourg because I had lived for a year there and had built friends there. I have been doing Au Pair for 4th time now and would like to search for a stable and long-term job.

Ville : Gex

Tel : +33 644033795